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-​Why choose Bali Glow?  Bali Glow airbrush artists have an eye for detail.  We use only the highest quality solutions and our customer service is unmatched.  The time is taken to answer all your questions, so you never feel rushed and we are confident you will love your experience and your results.


-What to expect at your appointment?  When you come to your visit, we will discuss any concerns or questions you may have.  Your shade will be selected based on your skin tone and your service will be performed in a warm, private and relaxed atmosphere.  


-What is a sunless spray tan?  DHA and Erythrulose are the active ingredients found in sunless tanning solutions.  They are natural plant sources derived from beets, sugar cane, glycerin and raspberries.  When applied to the skin, they mix with the bodies amino acids creating a beautiful browning affect.


-Why have a professional sunless spray tan vs using a self-tanner at home?  There is no substitute for the perfect sunless tan.  A professional consultant will select the perfect shade for your skin tone, will apply the tan evenly and can reach areas you are unable to reach yourself.


-Will a spray tan turn me orange?   At Bali Glow we ensure you WILL NEVER TURN ORANGE**  We believe a spray tan should always look natural.  Ultimately, the option is yours and you may choose a darker shade if you are looking for a more dramatic effect.  Working with a trained professional that is well versed, should ensure great results.


-​Can I go darker than is suggested by my consultant?  Yes, but know that if you do not take the recommendation of your consultant, your tan may not look as natural and may not fade as favorably.


​-Do I have the option not to tan my face?  Yes. If you have a vigorous skin care routine, you may choose to forego tanning your face.  You may choose to simulate a facial tan in the form of a tinted moisturizer, gel bronzer or bronzing powder.  Let your consultant know what you prefer.


-How long will my tan last?  The tan will last an average of 5-7 days depending on your individual body chemistry, lifestyle and pre & post care of the tan.  A tan may last up to 8-10 days in some cases.  


-When is the best time to get a sunless tan before an event?  We recommend you schedule your tan 1- 2 days prior to your event.  A trial visit is highly recommended for anyone who has concerns about what shade to choose for an important event.


-What is the best way to extend the life of my tan?  Use a quality natural or organic moisturizer.  Moisturize every day.  Drink ample amounts of water to keep your skin hydrated.  Avoid hot water and keep pool and hot tub use to a minimum.


-How often can I get a spray tan?   Every 7-10 days


​-Can I still lay in the sun after a sunless spray tan?  We always recommend sun exposure in healthy moderation.  If you are a sun bather as well as a sunless tanning individual, the two will complement each other.  We recommend using a sun screen of at least an SPF of 15 but preferably 30.  It's best to build your tan gradually and safely.


-What should I do when the tan starts to fade?  Once you see there is little to no life left in the tan, exfoliate completely and start fresh.


-Will a sunless tan provide UV protection?  NO.  Sunless tanning solutions do not contain sunscreen.  Always protect your skin while outdoors.


​-I am fair skinned, is a sunless spray tan right for me?  Sunless tanning is great for all skin types from fair to dark.  The appropriate shade will be chosen to compliment your fair skin.


-​I perspire easily, can I still get a spray tan?  If you perspire easily, we suggest using talcum powder for your problem areas until your first shower.   HYPERCARE​ is a phenomenal and inexpensive product that eliminates excessive perspiration.  A prescription is needed by your physician.


-​I have a skin condition.  Can I still get a sunless spray tan?  If your condition is severe, you may not be the best candidate due to the exfoliating involved that may irritate the skin further.  If you have the condition Vitiligo, spray tanning will not cover the condition but it will help to camouflage the condition.


-Can I get a sunless spray tan if I have asthma?  If you suffer from severe asthma attacks, you may not be the best candidate for a spray tan. 


​-What occasions are sunless spray tans best for?

All occasions.  Sunless tans are the perfect complement for any upcoming event or just a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.  Such events may include bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, graduation, pageants, photo shoots, prom, winter balls, Christmas parties, birthdays, gifts or just a night out with friends or a special someone!




                                                                      FINAL NOTE


Sunless tanning is a fantastic alternative to harmful UV rays but please remember it is not a sun tan and you must treat it as such*





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